Imagery (about)

Imagery (about)

Here’s my 411 for what it’s worth:

I was born in a small town…it was boring, nothing happened…so don’t ask.

The family escaped and moved to New York (yeah!).  Mom and dad bought me my first camera – a cardboard box with a plastic lens that took horrible blurry pictures.  It was a wretched little contraption…and I loved it!

As a child, I took photography classes with borrowed cameras and developed a passion by age 12.  I asked mom and dad to convert the bathroom into a darkroom.  Surprise…it never happened.

I saved my pennies to buy my first real camera – a manual Pentax, and shot exclusively in black and white for almost two decades.

I left New York and moved back the same small town…it was boring, nothing happened…so please, don’t ask.

I escaped and moved back to New York (Yeah!).  I studied more photography, but developed my technical skills by shooting my way around the world…50 countries and counting.  Commercial work is exciting, but Fine Art photography is a passion.

Of course, anything is fine as long as I can keep shooting and don’t have to go back to that same small town…it’s boring, nothing happens…so what ever you do, don’t ask!

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