Integration (the gear I use to pull it all together)

Integration (the gear I use to pull it all together)

I should probably start by saying that a photographer’s gear is only a small part of their success.  However, having said that, good reliable equipment really does help deliver consistent high-quality results.

Personally, I find it useful to keep our gear up-to-date because when we make the right choices, it can expose us to new things that help open our minds to new possibilities.  With an open mind and fresh perspectives we can deliver stunning new results for our clients.  Sure, in the end, getting great results it’s all about creative insight and the power of the team, but we always want to have access to the best tools available to ensure that we can push the edge further.

Canon and Hasselblad continue to deliver reliable products that offer advanced technology and consistently high IQ, so we continue to build our business around their product lines.  Other manufacturers make excellent products as well, but we’ve had tremendous success with our current formula.  I’m sure we’ll evolve and adapt as new tools are developed.  All of the equipment highlighted on this page has been field and studio tested in some of the toughest conditions in the world (e.g., heat and sand in Rajasthan, monsoons and humidity in Cambodia, and freezing cold in the Himalayas…the list goes on), so I would have no problem recommending any of the items that we’re showing.

Cameras and lenses



Lighting and Studio

Bags and Cases

Computers, Printers, and Storage


  • Hahnemuhle (fine art papers, various)
  • Pictran (specialty glass emulsion and metalic papers, various)


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